OTC hearing aids: Get your hearing back without hurting your wallet

Getting older does not mean giving up the things you love to do. But hearing loss can creep into our lives, making it hard to watch a movie with family or enjoy a hearty laugh with friends. You may miss important points during a meeting or wake up late when you cannot hear your alarm.

Now, OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids are available at local pharmacies and online stores. You can improve mild to moderate hearing loss without getting a prescription and paying high prices.

How can OTC hearing aids help get your life back?

OTC hearing aids are:  

  1. Designed to address mild to moderate hearing loss: These devices can cover a wide range of hearing losses (mild to moderate levels). Unlike traditional hearing aids, they do not have to be custom-fit to a specific issue. If your hearing problem is a little more complex, please consult a healthcare professional.
  2. Inexpensive compared to traditional hearing aids: Typically, buying a hearing aid includes the cost of the diagnostic tests, medical services, retail agents, and much more — all rolled in one. Because of these high costs, only 1 in 4 people ended up getting help for their hearing loss. OTC hearing aids are available in stores and online, making it easier to get the help you need.
  3. Accessible: It’s easy to get a hearing test and order your hearing aid online. There’s no prescription needed. Some outlets even offer a free hearing test with your purchase.

Until recently, a hearing test needed a doctor’s evaluation. Plus, devices like hearing aids were extremely expensive (we’re talking thousands of dollars) and available only by prescription. Because of this, millions of people could not get the help they needed, impacting their physical and mental health.

How does hearing loss affect your life?

Dealing with difficulty hearing can impact your entire life. It can lead to:

Isolation and loneliness

Being excluded from social activities can lead to loneliness, which increases sadness, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Isolation can be stressful, which can cause inflammation in the body and brain, lower our immunity, and damage brain cells.  

Memory issues

Social interactions are like a gym for the brain. We stay sharper when we are forced to recall information, use critical thinking, absorb the meaning of other people’s words, and figure out the response. Without these mental exercises, your brain may not be challenged enough, leading to cognitive decline.

Greater safety risks

If you cannot hear as well as you did, it may be harder to listen to safety instructions and respond to emergency signals like smoke alarms and doorbells. This can also lead to a higher risk of accidents or falls.

Help for hearing loss is around the corner, literally.

When we want to see better, it’s easy to get an eye test at a local optical store. Then, ordering your glasses online is a breeze. Why should hearing aids be any different?


Enjoy your favorite songs, listen to every word your co-workers say, never miss an alarm, and get your life back on track. At HearYou, you can:

  • Get a free hearing assessment
  • Compare the best hearing aid brands, styles, and prices
  • Learn about the latest discreet hearing aid technology, and
  • Save up to 60% on hearing aids.
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