Supporting your loved one with hearing loss

Facing a loved one's hearing loss can be a trying time, yet it's key to deliver assistance in a way that benefits you, your cherished one, and all your relatives.

With HearYou, you can master the methods to sympathize and inspire your loved one during their auditory recovery journey.

Developing Empathy for Hearing Loss

In the instance of a person dealing with auditory impairment, they could perceive sounds and voices as unclear or subdued, need to crank up the volume on their gadgets, or struggle to distinguish particular phonetic elements or expressions, more so in loud surroundings. These struggles with deciphering specific noises or in certain settings could turn interaction into a daunting task. Typical indicators of auditory impairment include:

  • Requesting others to slow down their speech or to frequently reiterate their words.

  • A noticeable introverted tendency, and a hesitation to engage in discussions.

  • Behavioral shifts, like diminished enthusiasm for social gatherings or eating out.

Hearing loss is complex

Hearing loss is often oversimplified as a volume issue, with the misconception that speaking louder is an adequate solution. However, it is crucial to recognize that hearing loss is a complex condition that goes beyond mere volume.


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