Manufacturer Repair and Warranty Policy

HearYou offers a 24-Month Manufacturer Warranty for all hearing aids. During this period, repairs are free of charge and take up to 4 weeks. After the warranty expires, Manufacturer Repairs cost $99 per hearing aid and also take up to 4 weeks.

For efficient repairs, please:

  • Contact customer support to report the issue.
  • Package the hearing aid(s) and accessories, and send them to the provided address.
  • We will assess the issue and proceed with the appropriate repair service.
  • We will ship the repaired hearing aid(s) back to you.

Loss & Damage Coverage with HearYou: If your covered hearing aids or accessories are stolen, lost, or significantly damaged, they can be replaced under HearYou's policy. This applies only if the product is within the coverage period, with the following conditions:

  • Replacement is limited to the same customer and, for hearing aids, must include both units (if a pair) with the original options package.
  • Deductibles: $95
  • Devices can be replaced once per coverage period, including any extension bought.
  • Replacement units carry the original product's warranty date, may be the same or similar model, and could contain tested refurbished components.
  • Unauthorized opening, servicing, or repairing of the device voids this coverage.
  • Ownership of lost, stolen, or damaged devices transfers to HearYou.
  • For claims, contact HearYou support.