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Mild to moderate hearing loss. 

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Struggles with hearing in noise.
Finds it hard following conversations.
Experiences fatigue from listening.
Needs high volume on TV/radio.

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1-Year Loss & Damage Protection. Read more.

1-Year Warranty. Read more.

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High-Tech Hearing Aids (Pair)
Charging Base & Cord
Cleaning & Maintenance Tools
1-Minute Quick Start Guide
Various Sizes of Domes

Audiologist-Quality Customization: Effortlessly adjust to your environment and preferences anytime.
Loud & Clear: Optimized for human voice enhancement and smart noise reduction.
Rechargeable: Enjoy clear hearing all day with a single charge.
Discreet Comfort: Designed for ultimate comfort during long-term wear.
User-Friendly: Ready-to-wear with easy one-hand adjustments.


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FSA or HSA cards accepted.

Bank-level secure transaction. 

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Place your order to start your risk-free trial; hearing aids will be delivered to your door within the next 48 hours.

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The brain needs time to readjust to sounds; we recommend trying for at least 100 days. You will find surprises.

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Enjoy youthful clarity. However, if you're not satisfied after trying, return the product for a full refund at no cost. How to Return.

  • Backed by Professionals Doctor Designed · Audiologist Tested · FDA Registered
  • Over 96%   of customers using HearYou ONE report hearing better* 97%Report hearing better at work.96%Report hearing friends & family better.96% Report hearing the TV better.
  • Equipped with US-made Onsemi and Knowles cores, similar to those in premium hearing aids, our devices provide satisfactory sound quality for mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Audiologist-Quality Customization With 11 volume settings and 4 environment modes, effortlessly adjust to your environment and preferences anytime.
  • Easy To Use: Learn in a minute with our simple guide. No complex functions, just intuitive, ready-to-use design.
  • Discreet,  All-Day Comfort Our nearly invisible, lightweight design uses medical-grade materials for ultimate comfort in long-term wear.

Hear effortlessly, wherever you go…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Myths that hold you back

"My hearing’s not that bad."

Hearing aid users wait, on average, 10 years before getting help for hearing loss. But during that time, communication with loved ones becomes more difficult, and isolation and health risks increase. findings emphasized just how important it is to be proactive in addressing any hearing declines over time.


The Hidden Risks of Hearing Loss Johns Hopkins Medicine. Found on the internet at https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/the-hidden-risks-of-hearing-loss.

“I don’t like the way hearing aids look.”

Forget the old days of big, whistling earpieces. Today’s hearing aids and cochlear implants are smaller (and less conspicuous) than ever before. Even celebrities (like former president Bill Clinton and football Hall of Famer Mike Singletary) are wearing them proudly.

“I heard that hearing aids are difficult to use.”

There is a breaking-in period as you—and your central auditory system and brain—adjust to life with hearing aids.

“Wearing hearing aids means I’m old, and I’m not ready for that.”

It's normal to feel worried that hearing loss means you're aging—and to want to hide it. Plenty of people with a hearing impairment sit silently rather than joining in conversations and activities, because they fear that hearing problems will make them seem helpless or less than competent. The truth: Connecting with others can help your brain stay younger and keep you involved with life.

General Questions

What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so we accept returns on all items within 365 days of the purchase date. To start a return, please visit our Return Policy page and follow the instructions.

Do I need a prescription?

No! While our HearYou hearing aids feature advanced technology that is comparable to many hearing aids sold in traditional hearing clinics, it's important to note that all of the hearing aids we sell at HearYou comply with the FDA's medical device regulations for "over-the- counter" hearing aids. This means you can purchase them directly from us without the need for a prescription.

Our over-the-counter hearing aids are designed to provide assistance to individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, and are held to specific safety and efficacy standards. They come with adjustable settings that allow users to customize their hearing experience according to their specific needs .

Can I pay with my FSA or HSA?

FSA or HSA cards accepted.

Do you ship Hearing aids internationally (outside of the U.S.)?

Yes, we do accept international orders. However, please note that shipping times for international orders may be longer than domestic orders, and additional taxes and shipping fees may apply, which will be the responsibility of the international buyer. Additionally, in the event of a return, the cost of shipping the product back to us will also be the responsibility of the international buyer.

If you have any further questions or concerns about our international shipping policies, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide assistance and support to all of our customers, regardless of their location.